The 7 Benefits of Organic Juice That You Need To Know

And we’re not just talking about store-bought orange juice here, we’re talking about, Raw, made-to-order and cold pressed goodness.

Benefit 1: Juice Boosts your Immune System

You’ve probably heard of probiotics, but the real workers in your gut are prebiotics. Prebiotics, found in high concentrations in some juices, are the food source for probiotics. Without them, your healthy gut bacteria can’t survive. Prebiotics also slow digestion, making you feel more full, assist in processing of minerals and fats, and help prevent inflammation and some types of cancer formation.

Benefit 2: Drinking Raw Organic Juice Gives You More Benefits than Eating Vegetables Alone

When you eat vegetables, you get a lot of something called insoluble fiber. While fiber is often only thought of as good for you, it actually binds nutrients and transports them right through your digestive system without allowing them to be absorbed and utilized. Fresh raw juice contains almost no insoluble fiber, therefore it allows the body to fully absorb all of the health-promoting micronutrients it carries.

Benefit 3: Juice helps you reach your fruit and vegetable goals

Only 14% of American adults reach the recommended amount of vegetables in a day, and that number is even worse among high-school students. Drinking raw, organic juice is a fast, easy, and tasty way to get the micronutrient from all of your daily veggies in one tall glass.

Benefit 4: Juice Gives you more Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

Getting a large variety of vegetables in your diet can be tough because vegetables can expire so quickly. By drinking juice you can easily add a higher variety of fruits and vegetables than would be otherwise possible allowing you to “drink the rainbow” rather than having to eat it all.

Benefit 5: Juice Helps Balance Cholesterol and Promote Healthy Levels

Ingredients like cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon and others all work together to keep your cholesterol levels balanced and exactly where they should be for optimal health.

Benefit 6: Juice Can Give You Better Skin

The reparative micronutrients in Raw Juice contribute to clearer, more age-resilient skin.

Benefit 7: Juice helps you fight and prevent illness

With high concentrations of vitamins C, A, B, and Folate, juice naturally boosts your immune system to prevent colds and flu, or to shorten their duration if you are already sick.

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