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What Matters... Our Mission Statement

Our focus at True Juice is to create and foster a positive space of encouragement that inspires health, community, education, personal growth and an open delivery of ideas and practices that support transformative lifestyles. We hold the highest intention to serve the community with integrity and to offer our knowledge and wisdom on health topics to all who wish to learn.

 In this vein we hold these tenets to be true:

  1.  “Food Is Medicine”:  We believe that whatever you consume either creates disease or destroys it. Organic, chemical-free/toxin-free food and drink are the essential choices for those who truly want to secure optimal health. “You are what you eat (and drink)” is truth.

  2.  Bio-individuality is key:  Each person was created uniquely and with an individual biological makeup…not all foods/diets/exercise protocols work for all people.

  3. All People deserve personalized attention and to be treated with respect and integrity…we will serve our clients efficiently with kindness and the highest quality product possible in order to enhance their lives and encourage health.

  4. We are a Purpose-Driven, mission-based local company that truly believes business is a tool to create positive change; thus, we do not compromise our values for profit.  We opened in 2016 with a long term view of investing in the health and happiness of our customers and community to create the change and growth we want to see in our world.  We hope to inspire other individuals and companies to put people's health and well-being first while also being good stewards of our planet. We aim to do this through our focus on service, health, education, wisdom, and generosity.


True Juice is the First Blue Zones Approved Restaurant in all of the  Rogue Valley & Grants Pass